DEV401 Preparation Material

Preparation Material

Below is the consolidated list of Preparation Material , Tips and Tricks , Mock Tests published by people all across the internet. It took me good 1-2 weeks to figure out which material to go through for the Certification . There is so much to read on internet for the certification . It helped me , hope it helps you  also.

  • The Developer 401 Exam is geared toward people who do not know how to code but do understand the technicalities of SalesForce and
  • Do Not confuse yourself by going through multiple preparation material.
  • Go through a dedicated book / resource ,then through mock tests.You will Pass the Test ,Guaranteed.
  1. Fundamentals
  2. Good to go through SalesForce PowerPoints
  3. SalesForce Documentation
  4. Material
  5. SalesForce Official Notes
  6. Siddesh Kabe's Certification Book


Notes 1 - The notes are in the form of a Quiz.Good to go through .
Notes 2

Tips and Tricks

Here is a consolidated list of  tips and tricks on How to prepare for the Exam by Certified People
  1. Tips 1
  2. Tips 2
  3. Tips 3
  4. Tips 4

Mock Tests

  1. Mock Test
  2. Quiz Questions
  3. 80+ Questions
  4. 20+ sets of Questions
  5. Quiz Style Question Sets
  6. Set of 3 Mock Tests
  7. Quiz - 20 Questions
  •  Consolidated List of all Mock Tests which i found over the internet.As and when there are new ones,i will be updating .
  • These questions did not come come on the test or are in no means replication of real test questions.
  • After reading through the study material and doing the practical exercises,it is very important to run through these tests.Don't be discouraged,if you  don't even hit double digit passing percentage initially.
  • Keep on practicing the tests.When you start hitting 85-90% in the tests,you will get to know that you are prepared for the test .
  • Make sure ,not to run through blindly and cram the questions.Try to figure out why the answer for a particular question is correct and why are the other options wrong.
  • Few of the questions in the above links may be duplicated.


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